Thursday, March 17, 2011


I’m trapped.  I’m scared.  This house is…it’s not safe anymore.  But staying is still safer than leaving.  I can’t leave.  They’ll kill me if I do.

At night, I see things sometimes.  I’ve seen three different figures.  The first is the man with the moustache.  I think that’d be Bartholomew.  The second is that tall suited man.  I’m not sure, but he might be that Dapper Fiend that the old man told me about before…well, you know.  I’m really worried.  I hadn’t seen him before that dream.  However, it’s like, as soon as I dreamt about him, he appeared.

Anyway, the third figure is the one that makes the least sense.  I don’t think any of them are human, but this one isn’t even humanoid.  It’s like a horse.  Only not a horse.  I’ve only seen it once, but it looks too big for a horse.  And it looks…too beautiful.  And not beautiful in a good way.  There’s something to its majesty that’s unsettling.  It’s an unnatural beauty that’s terrifying.  It was only glance, and it was dark, and it was far away, so I couldn’t even make out the color, and only barely the shape.  But that one glance I saw made me break down.  I collapsed to the floor and started crying.  Half of it was terror.  But the other half was euphoria.  Terrifying and entrancing at the same time.

Then there’s the mystery of who The Gambler is.  Is it one of the three out there, or something else entirely?  It’s quite possible that I’m dealing with four different entities here.

I…I don’t even know.  I’ve only seen them all once or twice.  The Gambler hasn’t done anything past delivering that card.  I hear them, mostly.  Outside.  Clopping hooves.  Laughter and whispers mixed with the wind.  And…I can almost just faintly hear music.  A beautiful, entrancing, high-pitched song.  I can’t listen to it—just hear it.  As soon as I try to make anything out, I can’t hear it anymore.

I don’t know what’s going on.  They don’t do anything!  They just watch the house every night.  I can’t see them.  But I can hear them, and I can feel them.  And I see them in my dreams sometimes.  They’re shadowy, and I can barely make them out, but the Dapper Fiend shows up in my dreams every night.  He does something to me in my dreams…I know he does.  But when I wake up, I can’t ever remember what.

I need help here.  If anyone is reading this, I think I’m starting to go a bit crazy.  If someone, ANYONE, can explain any of this, I’d be so very, very grateful.  Because really, I’m about ready to believe anything by this point.

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